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(Jan 6, 2018)
PREPPING for a grade ....... 

Making the grade is one thing , but prepping for a test with the warriors requires much study . 
Prepping to win on them is even greater . 

With all their sources in hand and what seemed to be a whose who in the crowd , the story begins . 

Team Seminary needed to be very diligent in their study habits this week , their preparation aimed at winning out against WA paid off . 
The Knights seemed to have the passing grade in the books right from the start . 
Going up six on the warriors in the opening minutes sent a clear message of their intentions . From that moment on , the warriors were cramming just trying to stay close . Warrior shooters had open looks at a covered opening , not following their shot let good second looks go by the waste side . 
Warrior defenders were making progress slowing seminary to one look but when there's a crack - there's an opening . Wyoming area had the lead in sight before Seminary closed the blinds never looking back . 

Writing about losing is never easy for a fan and certainly isn't that hard to identify the reasonings behind it either . 
WA will bounce back I'm certain of that . Losing isn't all that bad especially when the eventual victor 's preparations made the grad
e .


(December 22, 2016)

Home on the Rangers ..... 
It was another adventure through the Northwest passage, Rangers were waiting to calm down the pack of warriors who just finished ripping through the northern mountain range demolishing everything in their way. 
Newspapers were calling them out as one of the best rebuilds. It was time to back that up. 
Ever since their early days together , you just knew , that when this bunch reached the senior class they would be special - add in a good junior class and sophomores plus, it had the makeup for a new rebuild . 
Northwest looked good early on but found out the relentless pressure on both sides of the ball is hard to overcome. 
A strong defensive stance in the first quarter pretty much knocked the Rangers out of the saddle. By the time the fourth began, the Rangers leader conceded sending in the underclass men. 
It was once again a total team effort.

(December 20, 2017)


Tuesday night in Lakeland a band of warriors encountered smoke signals on their way to battle with the Chiefs who were on the warpath. Their war dance was effective but never really gained any clarity as they failed to charged forward. The warriors however circled the smoke screened reservation smothering the fire and silencing the drums. 
In quarter 1, the Chiefs hung around down eight. By halftime, the lead grew to 12. 
A very stingy warrior defense calmed the crowd while their high octane offense entertained them . With every pass inside and layup to boot softened up the Chiefs allowing warrior sharpshooters to carve them up from the three point line. Another total effort with outstanding rebounding , steals - pressures and put backs. It was good to see the Warriors face a bit of adversity early on before they took the ambiguous start out of the picture by the half while opening up a 22pt leading heading into the final five minutes . 

Congrats WARRIORS!


(December 14, 2017)

Another expedition north on a Lackawanna trail leading directly into a rabid jungle. 
Safari animals ran amuck about the trail , their section full of Lions tigers bears and even a clever fox waited in ambush for a warrior to appear. Taming the jungle creatures was not as easy as it may have looked , the live two legged caged versions were fierce . The lions on the floor - not as much. WA rolled into the safari aimed at taming the wildebeests right from the get go . 
A combined team effort from both sanctions whipped their way through the hairy jungle setting traps and picking their foe one by one.  A total team effort to be honest. Quick passes in and around the paint, pressure on both ends and fast hands convinced the trail Lions to concede. 
At 2-0 for both JV/V , things look good heading into Saturday's matchup. Competition gets tougher with each game. 
Congrats guys .... Seniors: great poise and leadership tonight ......


(December 13, 2017)

Go tell it on the mountain ...
Opening day for WA basketball and the guys find themselves trekking north to tangle with the upstart Eagles from mountain view . 
Those pesky flakes string about looking to stick around giving the entourage a white knuckle grip with pasting eyes flirting with a blink . 
Once above the ledge , the warriors started the show blasting the Eagles out of the nest 64-13 . That JV unit looked good . 
Once the big guys swooped down on the nest , the Eagles perch became restless in their call to the warriors eight . They chose to chat with Sam which prompted him to empty the nest - netting a game 1 high scoring affair on them . Defensive pressures dulled out the talons leaving countless trips to the home netting for breakaway flights . Aaron Zezza had a good game on the outside . Matt Wright weakened the legs of his opponents with relenting rebounding attempts.  Dylan Melberger , Kyre Zielinski , Alex Gonzales figured in the team win nicely with the help of some of their friends.
Scoring 60+ on a team like MV is ok , but the heavy competition is coming and the underclass men will become a bigger story as the jump into the action . Dom DeLuca - Daniel Weidl - Justin Alder took in some very valuable minutes in the win .
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